Apple iPhone XS Max Case - Wood Case - Deer - imbuia (365550)

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Etuo wooden case

Wood Case is a great option for wood lovers. It is made of high quality durable materials making it both resistant to most types of damage and adding a soul into your phone. The base of it stiffens phone's body while also due to elastic rants giving extra protection in case of falling. The back of the cover contains small wooden plate made from different types of wood, coming with engraving or as clean as nature made it. Polished wood has its own unique structure making a slight yet visible difference among the others due to the shape of wood grains. Space for the charger and headphones plugin is included, buttons have bigger add-on on their placement making it easier to use them while covered. Despite it not having cuts for the speaker it does not interfere with music nor sound effects. Tiny tabs on the rants make it a comfortable fit in the hand and prevent accidental sliding out of it. Every cover is prepared specifically for one smartphone model making it fitting the phone just perfectly. Regardless of used materials the encasement is not making the device significantly thicker and keeping it clean is a child's play.

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