Apple iPhone SE (2022) Case - Magneto Case - black (479990)

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Mirror reflection? It's possible with this case

Collection of two parts double hybrid armoured case mounted with magnets. Magnets connections are barely visible which makes an eye-pleasing appearance on the smartphone. Materials of high quality were used to make this armoured cover adding even more into the protection level making the back and sides of the phone immune to scratches. The combination of rigid sides with hard back makes the great combo of protection, preventing even from small cracks on the phone's main body. It is also provided with tiny cushions on the inside of rants to absorb most of the force in case of falling. The back is made out of transparent material not interfering with the device's original design. Bumper sides are equipped with special buttons overlays to make using them as convenient as possible. Special holes are provided for the most common Smartphone needs as a charger plugin and camera lens. An excellent choice for people looking for an armoured bumper that would also look well on a device. Cases are designed specifically for a certain phone model making the grip on the device way better than universal ones.

The front part of the case does not contain a transparent PVC plate.

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