Apple iPhone 12 Case - Crystal Cover - transparent (462829)

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This collection contains cases designed to specified smartphone models, completely transparent, making it a good choice for people that want to keep their original device looks. Made of durable, hard materials doing an excellent job protecting the phone while remaining significantly softer on the rants to make amortization of falls more efficient. In addition to that rants are slightly lengthened making contact with flat surfaces less dangerous. Covers fit designated smartphones perfectly not sliding off by itself while keeping its easy way of putting them on by yourself. It contains practical holes for charger, headphones, speaker output, and also allowing comfortable usage of buttons. In order to prevent damaging the inputs, the case is equipped with small closures that can be put onto the holes while not needed. Keeping it clean is as easy as simply using some water or microfibre material, the case is waterproof. It does not interfere with the smartphone's usual work, fits nice in hand. The cover is highly durable allowing it to remain functional for a long time, granting the same level of protection to your phone even after a long time.

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